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August 2010 New Rental Suites 1133 Barclay

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Gordon Nelson Builds Four New Market Rental Units

Vancouver, B.C., August 1, 2010 – Gordon Nelson Inc. (“Gordon Nelson”), an owner of several West End apartment buildings, spent the last 18 months working with the City of Vancouver to creatively convert excess boiler, laundry and storage room space as well as reclaim unusable parking space to create four new market rental units including three new handicap accessible family units.

As part of the project, the old original inefficient asbestos containing boiler was replaced with two new state-of-the-art IBC Technologies high efficiency boilers. The new boilers provide energy for the entire building with a 30-40% energy reduction while taking up 15% of the space. In addition, green house gases (“GHGs”) are estimated to have been reduced 40%. “Over the past 60 years boiler technology has clearly improved – dramatically saving energy while reducing GHG emissions. When combined with the option to free up space for new rental units, the investment made a lot of sense,” says Chris Nelson.

The entire building has now been refurbished, protecting, enhancing and extending its useful life. During 2008 and 2009 a complete renovation and restoration was completed on the other 27 market rental apartment units. Kitchens and bathrooms were cleared, walls removed, electrical systems upgraded and single glazed windows were replaced with double-glazed low-E energy star windows. “Our building will now be able to provide safe, energy efficient and affordable accommodation for many more decades, “ says Jason Gordon.

Gordon Nelson believes that the most effective solution to West End affordability requires creative supply side solutions. “Gordon Nelson effectively and creatively identified a much higher and better use of several excess spaces that when combined resulted in four new units,” says Stuart Howard, Gordon Nelson’s architect on the project.

About Gordon Nelson Inc.
Gordon Nelson is an investment and property management and ownership company based in Vancouver BC. Gordon Nelson is a family owned and operated business that accommodates over 200 tenants over five apartment buildings in the amazing West End of Vancouver. All buildings are within blocks of the beach, Stanley Park, downtown jobs, shopping and entertainment. Gordon Nelson has invested millions of dollars in safety, environmental and other upgrades over the past several years to protect, enhance and extend its buildings useful lives. Gordon Nelson is proud to support numerous West End and lower mainland charities. Gordon Nelson also owns and operates Ocean Village, a 53-unit beachfront resort on beautiful MacKenzie Beach, a short drive from Tofino, BC on Vancouver Island’s west coast.

Contact: Jason Gordon at 604-760-0848 or Chris Nelson at 604-318-6877
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Download Press Release Here: Aug 1, 2010 New Rental Suites.

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