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Company Overview

Company Overview

Gordon Nelson Inc., with over $150 million in assets, is a family owned and operated investment and property management company based in Vancouver BC. Gordon Nelson’s buildings’ accommodate over 50 tenants in 2 apartment buildings in the City of Vancouver along with 5 commercial buildings and a parking lot in the City of Victoria. All buildings are within blocks of the beach, parks, jobs, shopping and entertainment. In the past, Gordon Nelson has significantly invested to protect, enhance and extend the useful lives of these buildings and innovatively develop space within the buildings to create more than 30 new rental units.

In addition, to apartment buildings, Gordon Nelson Inc. is the majority owner of Pacific Sands Beach Resort, a 120 unit ocean front resort in beautiful Tofino, BC (click here to learn more), majority owner of Ocean Village Beach Resort, a 53 unit beachfront resort in Tofino, BC (click here to learn more), an interest in Unbounce, a software-as-a-service landing page service business focused on online marketers (click here to learn more) and various publicly traded securities.

Gordon Nelson Inc. on behalf of its owners’ families directs donations and invests time to various causes, including the Single Mothers initiatives of the YMCA, Global Action Canada Ministries, Linwood House Ministries, The Salvation Army, Gordon Neighbourhood House, Tides Canada Foundation, Vancouver Fruit Tree Society, West End Cleanup Program, Prince Rupert Municipal Golf Course and Vancouver School Board.

For more Corporate information please call 604-782-5099 or email

Contact Gordon Nelson:
PO Box 93543
1125 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 4L7
Phone: 604-725-5437 or toll free 877-219-7525
Fax: 604-909-4790

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