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Rent Increase Ruling

January 13, 2010

Gordon Nelson Inc. is disappointed that the court overturned the decision of the Residential Tenancy Officer an expert that was given exclusive authority by the legislature to determine whether an additional rent increase should be awarded to a landlord where, among other things, the rent payable for similar rental units in the same geographic areas is significantly higher.

Several existing long term tenants at Gordon Nelson Inc.’s building pay over $10,000 per year or approximately 50% less than other tenants in our building pay for similar suites.  Notwithstanding this and other evidence of comparable units renting at significantly higher rents in the same geographic area, the court overruled the Residential Tenancy Officer who had reached her decision following a lengthy hearing and after reviewing hundreds of pages of evidence submitted by the parties.  In effect, Gordon Nelson Investments believes the Court reached its decision by focusing on specific passages of the decision taken in isolation rather than reviewing and considering them in their proper context.  In doing so, Gordon Nelson Inc. says Madam Justice Loo erred and is considering an appeal.

Gordon Nelson Inc. is confident that its evidence justifies the original award of an additional rent increase above the prescribed amount and that this result will be either restored upon a rehearing or quite possibly result in a larger market supported rent increase as rents in Vancouver and the West End have continued to increase in the face of tough economic times.

Judge Loo Rent Increase Ruling

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